Jordan Kuwait Bank

Jordan Kuwait Bank's mission is to provide the highest level of quality banking and financial services to its clients. The Bank had to invest heavily in modern computers and equipment, and reached to the point where all its banking activities are automated and the latest technology.

Their Services:
- Retail Banking
- Business Banking
- Private Banking
- Treasury & Investment
- Retail Banking
-- Accounts
- Savings Accounts
- Golden Savings Accounts
- Fixed Deposit Accounts
- Certificates of Deposit
- Current Accounts
-- Loans
- Personal Loans
- Automobile Loans
- Housing Loans
- Student Loans
- Office and Clinic Loans
- Personal Loans for Medical Doctors
- Financing Purchases
-- Cards
- American Express
- Visa

Head Office
62 Ummaya Bin Abed Shams Street
Abdali, Amman
P.O. Box:  9776
Amman 11191 – Jordan