Why Video Conference is better than regular face to face communication

Why video conference is better than regular face to face communication
•    Reduce travel time, fuel cost and save huge unproductive hours
•    Prevent Meeting Delays since most conferencing system has a option to start meeting on specific time and end on specific time
•    If an introductory training given how to use the video conferencing tool to the presenter attendees this system will make the meeting shorter and more structured
•    Each one can participate in the meeting
•    Less preparation time required meeting can be held in a very short time since all need not to be present there physically
•    Anyone one can take part in urgent meeting even the participant in is vacation, in other work or was not preplanned.
•    Best interaction is possible since they can see each other and communicate instantly
•    More controlled meeting since administrator have the control to manage the meeting so that any unnecessary topic in raised in the meeting.