Gift & Prepaid Cards

Gift & Prepaid Cards is a special card that is usually given in a special occasion like Birth day or other occasion.  It may be specially designed with special logo and name to greet someone. It may be given instead of usual gifts as birthday gift, anniversary gift, graduation or holidays. User of this gift card they may purchase their desired gift depending on their choice. They may be for different types like that are for specific shop, location or country and even product can be purchased worldwide. The main advantage is that the user of the card may purchase anything they want and even pay bills and full utilization of the money is possible. That cannot be reloaded with cash or even bank transfer. And it is much better option than cash.

There are different gift or prepaid cards provider like Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover or any other. Most popular are Visa, Master card gift cards, Home Depot, Amazon, Sephora Gift Cards etc. It could be the replacement of cash. Since it is preloaded with certain amount of cash they can purchase within that limit even the limit can be increased by adding fund to it depending on the nature of the card.

These cards are accepted by most renowned hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment outlets and online merchants. But usually gift cards has short validity then others and once it is used it cannot be used later and need to get another one. Long distance phone cards also may fall in similar categories but it may have some limited features and issuers are usually companies and not the financial institutes.

These cards may be prepaid debit cards, merchant gift cards and special prepaid cards can be used virtually anywhere looks alike credit cards.